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Translations of random Japanese blogs (≧∇≦)
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This year's calendar will be hot! [30-09-13]

Well, my calendar will be out soon! You'll still be in time if you order it now!
Let me appeal you! First of all, here's the cool front cover!


That's dangerous! And every month looks cool!

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Nino - Smile

The hugging event is tomorrow! In Osaka! [15-09-13]

So, this is my first blog entry of September! lol
I'm nervous, ne (>人<;)

Tomorrow will be the spacey hug event! Last time was on July!
I did a lot of hugs so far, but it was never the same,
and it's been a long time, so I'm nervous, naa.

Anyway, I know it will be a great day(≧∇≦)

Some exclusive goods will be sold during the event,
and there will be goods from DAIGO☆STARDUST too!
So, as I didn't perform in Osaka, please check them, ne!

And I took some new purikuras for the gashapon machines lol
Here's a hug purikura!

Today will be the hug event! [15-09-13]

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Nino - Smile

(From his Twitter again :D)


[17:02] 味味味味味味味味味味味味味味味味味味味味味味味味味味味味味味味味味味味味味味味味味味味味味味味昧味味味味味味味味味味味味味味味味味味味味味味味味味味味味味味味味味味味味味味味味味味味味味味味味味味味味味味味味味味味味味味味味味味味味味味味味味味味味味味(味=flavor)

Find the mistake. That's hard, isn't it? lol

[17:17] Is there a mistake? lol

[00:26] 巳巳巳巳巳巳巳巳巳巳巳巳巳已巳巳巳巳巳巳巳巳巳巳巳巳巳巳巳巳巳巳巳巳巳巳巳巳巳巳巳巳巳巳巳巳巳巳巳巳巳巳巳巳巳巳巳巳巳巳巳巳巳巳巳巳巳巳巳巳巳巳巳巳巳巳巳巳巳巳巳巳巳巳巳巳巳巳巳巳巳巳巳巳巳巳巳巳巳巳巳巳巳巳巳巳巳巳(巳=snake)

Find the mistake.
I received some claims earlier, because the previous one was too hard. lol

[00:30] You can't sleep because of me tonight, but I'm going to bed. lol, good night😁

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Nino - Smile
7th-Sep-2013 09:35 pm - [Nishijima Takahiro] 07-09-13

(This is from AAA's official LINE account~ Nishi Nishi is so random again XD!)


Hello ^_^

Lately, I don't know what to wear at work...
It's a little cold when I finish working, naa.
Just as you can expect, to wear short pants is too cold, naa.
But it's hot during the day time, naa. It's really hard to choose, naa.

"Long sleeves... I'll wear it for now...
As for long pants, I won't get wet if it rainnnnns.
Iya, but then, to wear skirts or short pants would make your feet wet and dirty!
While people who wear long pants wouldn't get wettttt!
.....Anything would be fine!!! *mad*"

I had that discussion while eating a teriyaki McBurger menu at Mcdonald,
while a couple sat next to me was openly flirting. lol

That's nice neee, to get along with someone.

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Nino - Smile
7th-Sep-2013 05:10 pm - [Koike Teppei] Wanko soba [06-09-13]

Wanko soba [06-09-13]

Ama-chan fun kanshasai~!
(It's an event held in Morioka, about the drama ^^)

I came to Morioka.
And I ate wanko soba just before the event.
Ahhh, I'm full.

But to eat that many bowls is completely average actually, ne.

That's just normallllll lol

Nino - Smile

2136, Bath time! Now! [06-09-13, 23:47]

I'm off to bathhhhhh \(//∇//)\
Baaaang! Iyann \(//∇//)\

Bath time!

But you mustn't peek, neee (°_°) lol

I'm off!

Ah, I'm going now, so I think I won't be in time for midnight... maybe (/ _ ; )!
(Everyday, Ryuichi posts a tweet at exactly midnight! ...And for the record,
he made it in time lol XD At exactly midnight again XD)

Nino - Smile

(I'm completelyyyyyyyyyyyyyy flailing over the picture he's posted XD I think most of you doesn't know about this band, but Kouichi's blog is as entertaining as DAIGO's blog XD! I love to read it! It's full of randomness, and it's really thanks to him that I like GUILD~)

It's night time, ne (´・∀・`) I've added a PS at the end [03-09-13]

I helped our kouhai-band, JASSY, since this morning (´・∀・`) (kouhai = junior)
This is the drummer Naoto, and the vocalist Meru who are doing their best (´・∀・`)

5 2

And here's your dude, with Naoto & the king (´・∀・`)

And now, I'm going to tell my impressions about today's recording (´・∀・`)!

...The song was really good actually (´・∀・`) lol
Iyaa, really good (´・∀・`) lol

The video will be uploaded in Youtube once done,
so please listen and watch it (*´ω`*)

Also, Tan-san came to help us too \(´・∀・`)/
Thank youuuuuu Tan-sannnnnnn \(*´ω`*) /

Tan-san, I love youuuu \(´・∀・`)/♡
Tan-san, I love yuuuuuuuuuuuuuu \(´・∀・`)/♡

...Why are you making that face (´._.`)?

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Nino - Smile

To the people who were born in September [03-09-13]

To the people who were born in September [03-09-13]
Happy birthday!!

All the generations are seeing the same landscape naa (^-^) Summer is finished, so do you have any plans right now?

As for me, my long long long Summer tour has just ended, but I have no holidays because I already have to begin shooting lol (/▽;)

To you, and to the babies who are going to be born this month too, I hope that this year will be the best that you'll ever had!!


Nino - Smile

Us, the riders team [01-09-13]


It's the 3rd day of stageplay.

We received these paper cranes from fans.

It will stay in the greenroom, so that the
stageplay will get a great success.

And also, in this same greenroom, there was...

Us, the riders team [01-09-13]

Ichijou Kaoru & Zanki & Hino Eiji!!!!
Any rider fan would have a nosebleed, ne!!!

Well, let's get enthusiastic today too~!

Seba-samuzu-appu!☆ ("Bye, thumbs-up!" XD)
Nino - Smile
1st-Sep-2013 08:32 pm - [JOY] Sky [01-09-13]

(Yaaay, I'm excited each time I read an entry like this! Last time, Koike Teppei
was in Mexico lol~ Ah and I need to change JOY's banner, but I'm lazy right now~)

Sky [01-09-13]

[JOY] Sky [01-09-13]

I'm at the airport.

Yeah, I'm leaving. To the world.
(↑ Yes, please let me leave.)

I hear the world calling for me.
(↑ Yes, noses and ears are calling for me.)

Anyway, I'll be abroad for work tasks,
during a whole week. Let's meet on TV
when I'm away.

I'm a regular in Saru mono and
Hiru nandesu (every Tuesday).

And here are the other shows:


[Read more...]9/2 (Monday)
Fuji TV, "Generation Tengoku, 20:00~21:00

9/3 (Tuesday)
TV Tokyo, "Goriyaku! Kinun! Enmusubi! Senkoku kaiun jinja meguri no tabi", 01:00~01:30

9/3 (Tuesday)
TV Tokyo, "Goriyaku! Kinun! Enmusubi! Senkoku kaiun jinja meguri no tabi", 18:30~20:54

TV Asahi, "Kyuukyoku7", 23:15~00:15

9/7 (Saturday)
FujiTV "Generation Tengoku", 10:45~11:40

9/8 (Sunday)
NHK BS Premium Natsu no tokushuu Nippon hyaku meizan, "Tatsujin ni kiku! Gutto kuru gokujou no natsuyama", 16:00~17:30

Yoroshiku ne ( ̄▽ ̄)

Nino - Smile
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